Hello and welcome to Rawhide Leather - home of the Quick Draw Mag Sheath!

I will be closed for the month of October and so have disabled purchasing on my website. Please check back in November.

Please Note: I have been getting requests for custom sheaths for knives other than what are listed below. Unfortunately due to circumstances, I no longer have the time to take on any orders for knives not listed on this page. I am also no longer making any accessories for any of the sheaths. I am now offering sheaths only in brown leather.

Here at Rawhide Leather all of my knife sheaths are made the old fashioned way, by hand. I only make knife sheaths for the following knives:

- TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker T1 - Model TBT-010 - Overall Length: 11 7/8” (also fits the Dave Beck Tracker perfectly)

- TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker T2 - Model TBT-020 - Overall Length: 9 1/2”

- TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker T3 - Model TBT-030 - Overall Length: 10 5/8”

- TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker Scout - Model TBS-010 - Overall Length: 7 1/4" (the Scout sheath also fits the Tops C.A.T. 200 knife perfectly).

The T1 Tracker knife was featured in the movie "The Hunted" as well as the cover of BLADE Magazine.

All sheaths are made entirely by me and not by some hired hand as I prefer to keep total quality control over my products. They are all designed to be worn scout style (horizontally on your belt at the small of the back). I have over 40 years of experience in leatherwork and offer only the highest quality handmade knife sheaths.



Above photo is of a black T1 Mag Quick Draw Sheath
"Snap Style"


Above photo is of a brown T2 Mag Quick Draw Sheath
"Fixed Style"
(This is the medium brown tannery pre-dyed color I am now using for all brown orders)


Here are just a few reasons why my work
does’nt come cheap:

1) To start with, I use only the finest U.S. full grain veg-tan leather (this type of leather won't stain your blade) from the top U.S. tannery and I have it custom finished to my specifications. I also use the very best no rust hardware I can find.

2) All of my stitching is
recessed down into the leather surface which is not a common practice. I also do this on both sides of the sheath which is extremely difficult to do well and is a very uncommon practice (I've never even seen this done before on knife sheaths). This allows the stitches to lie below the surface which virtually eliminates thread abrasion. Thread abrasion is the most common cause of eventual sheath failure on an otherwise properly built sheath. I also double stitch my sheaths for added protection and durability which also is not a common practice.

3) Most sheath makers use between 6-9 ounce leather thickness - I use
thicker 10/12 ounce (about 5/32” to 3/16") saddle leather which is much harder to work with but makes for a sturdier and longer lasting end product.

4) I spend a lot of time finishing my edges - probably too much as I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.
My edges are beveled, dyed, hand burnished (slicked) & hand waxed. I don't take the easy path and just use a quick & easy colored edge coating (think paint) that some sheath makers use.

My sheaths are wet-formed using a 20 ton hydraulic press which makes for a more rigid sheath than just hand forming (please keep in mind that this compresses the leather so the leather will appear a bit thinner afterwards). This compressed leather makes the sheath much safer and it will hold its shape much longer.

6) One of the best features of my work is one that just can't be conveyed in a photo and that is
the fit. My patterns have been tweaked repeatedly in the past to be as precise as possible and the sheaths are wet-formed to the actual knives and not an imprecise mold.

7) I have spent a lot of time conceiving, developing and refining my designs.

8) Many sheath makers can and do crank out a knife sheath in just a couple of hours and it shows. It typically takes me about 6-7 hours to build one of my sheaths.

My Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you purchase a sheath from my website and aren't happy with it for any reason please return it within 7 days of purchase for a full refund. I want my customers to be satisfied. All I ask is that the item be returned in the same condition as it shipped in.

*** To contact me just click on the link at the
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I am no longer selling Internationally. U.S. sales and overseas U.S. military sales only.

Mission Statement:
My goal as a leathersmith is to provide unique and innovative leather knife sheaths that are eye catching as well as being highly functional, extremely rugged and user friendly. I also pay attention to details. Every sheath I make is built to compliment your knife and will last a lifetime with normal use and just a little care. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I tend to overbuild my sheaths because I make them as if I were going to use them myself.